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Zooming in on Nature in Palestine During Summer

Birds, Butterflies, and Plants The Palestinian climate is known for its mild winters and warm summers. Growing up, my father used to tell me stories about tourists from the Arab Gulf countries who used to spend their entire summer vacation in Palestine, running from the fiery hot summers in their homelands. After the Israeli occupation, […]

Environmental Awareness

Every now and then, I receive an email from Sani Meo, the mighty publisher, reminding me that I am always welcome to contribute an article to TWiP on environmental issues, including wildlife. This month was no exception, except that the April issue carries a special theme. Celebrating 300 issues of TWiP made me feel very nostalgic. For many years, […]

Young Palestinian Beekeepers

Palestinian society is predominantly young. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, youth comprise around 30 percent of the population, 38.1 of whom are adolescents aged 15 to 19 and 61.9 percent aged 20 to 29.*1 Therefore, investing in youth will undoubtedly lead to innovation, economic growth, sustainability, and prosperity. The unemployment rate among Palestinian […]

Breakfast without Za’atar!

As an environmentalist, I feel very fortunate to live in Palestine. Our region is blessed with a rich biodiversity, which can be attributed to its distinct location as well as to its diverse biogeographic zones and topography. Nevertheless, combating the consequences of climate change worldwide is one of the most challenging problems in modern history, […]

Environmental Rule of Law in Palestine

Law No. 7 of the year 1999, which was approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council, is Palestine’s governing environmental law. The law aims to safeguard the environment against all forms of pollution, protect public health and social welfare, maintain biological diversity, protect designated areas, and finally encourage public awareness of environmental issues. Moreover, in order […]

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

As I was pursuing my doctorate a few years ago, my dissertation results were sometimes complicated, and it seemed impossible to get my three supervisors to agree on the results. The wisest of my supervisors often told me: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And it was true. In many cases an illustrative graph […]

Our Environment

An Essential Component of Healthy Living Many of us make healthy choices every day to improve our well-being: some quit smoking, others climb the stairs, consume less sugar, or adopt a vegan lifestyle. All these are conscious decisions that directly affect our health. But what about the factors that are beyond our control, such as […]