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Wildlife rehabilitation

 Nature Palestine Society is committed to the rehabilitation of wild animals, with a special emphasis on threatened species. Our mission is rooted in the urgent need to address the detrimental effects of illegal hunting, which continue to pose a significant threat to various species. Our rehabilitation activities play a pivotal role in increasing public awareness […]

Olive Harvest Season in Palestine

October is very special in Palestine. It’s the olive harvesting season. Digging in my memory I remember my father taking us to the olive groves in our village (Taybeh), where Palestinian families gathered to pick the golden fruit. I recall the delicious light pepper-like aftertaste of the freshly pressed olive oil and the delicious foods […]

Celebrating National Environment Day in the Palestinian Territory at the Tubas Nature Reserve on Mount Tamoun

احياء اليوم الوطني للبيئة الفلسطينية في محمية جبل طمون في طوباس The Palestinian Environmental Quality Authority, in collaboration with the Tubas Governorate, the Northern Jordan Valley, the Tubas Municipality, and the Male Secondary School, along with the Palestinian Nature Society, organized the National Palestinian Environment Day event under the slogan “Scouts and Youth: Friends of […]

The Palestinian Environmental Quality Authority releases a group of Palestinian mountain gazelles and wild birds into the wild

“جودة البيئة” تطلق مجموعة من غزلان الجبل الفلسطيني والطيور البرية إلى الطبيعة The Palestinian Environmental Quality Authority, in collaboration with the Palestinian Nature Society, the National Zoo, the Environmental Police, and the Village Council of Douma, released a group of Palestinian mountain gazelles and rare predatory birds into the Fasayil Nature Reserve near the village […]

A Eurasian eagle-owl was captured in Jenin and released back into nature

ضبط بومة نسارية في جنين و إعادتها للطبيعة The Environmental Quality Authority and the Environmental Police in Jenin Governorate were able to seize a Eurasian eagle-owl that was being offered for sale at a bird shop in the city. In a press statement on Thursday, January 28, 2021, the Environmental Quality Authority stated that legal […]