Research, protect, conserve, and educate about nature, biodiversity and environment in Palestine.

About us

Our Goals.

Devoted to Environment

  • Explore and research the diversity of fauna and flora.
  • Conserve and protect fauna, flora, and natural habitat and resources in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutes.

Adhere to COnservation

  • Community and institutional capacity building & training for nature and environment.
  • Collaborate with national, regional and international organizations and institutes to conserve and protect our natural world

Better Animal Life

  • Monitor, study, and protect migratory and endangered species
  • Promote and educate about responsible and respectful interaction between people and the environment.
  • Adhere to the values of compassionate conservation.

Our Projects

Bees Project

Apiculture capacity building for enhancing the socio-economic and livelihood of newly graduated youth in Jenin and Tubas districts, and supporting ecosystem service in Palestine.  Beekeeping and the harvest of honey is one of the oldest human activities in the Mediterranean [...]

Capacity Building for Young Professionals in Palestine in the Domain of Interdisciplinary Environmental Skills.

The objective of the training was to create, enhance, and develop the young Palestinian professionals’ capacity and equip them with the tools, skills, and knowledge in the fields of environmental law and environmental entrepreneurship through conducting a series of webinars. [...]


Palestinian Youth Climate Crop فيلق حماة البيئة الفلسطيني [...]

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