Research, protect, conserve, and educate about nature, biodiversity and environment in Palestine.


is a not for profit organization doing conservation projects and education programs in Palestine. We have in-house expertise in conservation research, management, and education. We believe that Palestinian society will benefit from preserving nature and biodiversity. Our vision is for a Palestinian society where people feel a sense of responsibility for preserving nature and where wildlife, plants, open landscapes, and functioning ecosystems are preserved and protected.

Our Goals

Devoted to Environment

  • Explore and research the diversity of fauna and flora.
  • Conserve and protect fauna, flora, and natural habitat and resources in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutes.

Better Palestine

  • Community and institutional capacity building & training for nature and environment.
  • Collaborate with national, regional and international organizations and institutes to conserve and protect our natural world.

Better Animal Life

  • Monitor, study, and protect migratory and endangered species.
  • Promote and educate about responsible and respectful interaction between people and the environment.
  • Adhere to the values of compassionate conservation.

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