Nature Palestine Society is committed to the rehabilitation of wild animals, with a special emphasis on threatened species. Our mission is rooted in the urgent need to address the detrimental effects of illegal hunting, which continue to pose a significant threat to various species. Our rehabilitation activities play a pivotal role in increasing public awareness about the negative consequences of such practices, ultimately striving to protect and preserve the biodiversity in Palestine.  Nature Palestine Society collaborates closely with the Environmental Quality Authority and the Tourism and Environment Police to ensure a comprehensive approach to wildlife rehabilitation. With a team of dedicated experts, we strive to provide the necessary care and support for wild animals, contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future for our precious wildlife. So far we have succeeded in rehabilitating around 75 bird species (eagle owl, bonelli’s eagle, kestrel, black shouldered kite, long-;legged buzzard, chukars, short toed snake eagles, etc), many endangered mountain gazelles, and red foxes.  At Nature Palestine Society, we firmly believe in engaging the community in our releasing events, forging a stronger connection between people and wildlife, and amplifying the impact of our awareness initiatives.

Donor: self funded by the organization

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