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Bees Project

Apiculture capacity building for enhancing the socio-economic and livelihood of newly graduated youth in Jenin and Tubas districts, and supporting ecosystem service in Palestine.  Beekeeping and the harvest of honey is one of the oldest human activities in the Mediterranean area, dated according to different sources to 8000 years B.C. Apiculture in Palestine is an […]

National Invasive Alien Species Strategy and Action Plan

Invasive alien species (IAS) pose the second largest threat to biodiversity loss after habitat destruction worldwide. Additionally, IAS cause major negative impacts on health, socioeconomics, agriculture, and the environment. In a recent study, it is estimated that the global economy lost is around 1.3 trillion dollars in the past 50 years in its battle against […]

Capacity Building for Young Professionals in Palestine in the Domain of Interdisciplinary Environmental Skills.

The objective of the training was to create, enhance, and develop the young Palestinian professionals’ capacity and equip them with the tools, skills, and knowledge in the fields of environmental law and environmental entrepreneurship through conducting a series of webinars. The program was implimented during the corona pendimic, therefore was executed sololely online.   The program […]

Assessment and conservation of Iris atrofusca in the North Eastern Slopes Region Key Biodiversity Area, Palestine

The project addressed the assessment, conservation, and protection of Iris atrofusca, a near-endemic plant species within “Jabal Tammoun” nature reserve. The reserve is located in the north-eastern part of the West Bank; extend between Tammoun and Atuf Villages within Tubas District. Activities executed during the project included; plant taxonomic survey, engagement of stakeholders and decision […]


The Flora and Fauna of Palestine has not been studied, based on a scientific approach, at the national level. For that, our team of biodiversity expertise put on their shoulders to conduct a comprehensive survey for the flora and fauna in Palestine. We started with two major component of the West Bank Biodiversity, the Flora and Avifauna.  […]

The innovator is exploring ways to protect nature and enhance environmental awareness with Nature Palestine Society

المطور يبحث سبل حماية الطبيعة وتعزيز الوعي البيئي مع جمعية طبيعة فلسطين Ramallah: The head of the Environmental Quality Authority in Ramallah, Jameel Al-Mutawar, along with Dr. Anton Khaliliya, the director of the Palestinian Nature Society, and the accompanying delegation, discussed with the innovator ways to protect nature and enhance environmental awareness and education in […]